Summit Investment Management invests in and manages distressed and underperforming commercial debt and other financial instruments. Since its inception, Summit has closed in excess of 400 transactions with institutions across the country and around the world, including acquisitions of entire portfolios as well as purchases of independent one-off loans ranging in size from $1 million to $100 million. We take pride in our detailed and thoughtful underwriting process and our ability to close transactions quickly. Our clients depend on Summit to be a reliable source of capital in order to monetize or dispose of distressed or underperforming assets.

Loan and Portfolio Acquisitions

Distressed Debt Acquisitions

- Loans with esoteric or unique collateral
- Loans involved with the bankruptcy process
- Loans in foreclosure
- Loans involving environmentally challenged properties
- Loans consisting of lease portfolios

- Distressed and underperforming loans secured by operating  businesses and real estate

Summit acquires underperforming and distressed debt such as:

Funeral Homes
Religious Facilities
Self-Storage Facilities
Farmland & Agricultural Products

Multifamily Residences
Golf Courses
Grocery & Convenience Stores
Air & Marine Vessels

Operating Businesses in Various Industries
Commercial Real Estate
Industrial Properties

Summit’s credit portfolio  includes loans secured by: